Add a TPT School Access Product

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you paid for the product yourself, then it was not through TPT School Access, it was through the TPT Marketplace. Please follow these instructions to add the product to your Pink Cat Games account.

To gain access to a product that you downloaded from your school funded TPT School Access account, click this link and you will first be prompted to either create an account on or you will log in to your account. Then you will be taken to the Add a Product page where you will type in the Item ID from the PDF file that you downloaded from TPT. The Order Number 202100 should automatically be filled in for you but if the Order Number box is empty, enter 202100. Then click the Add button to add the product to your account.

After you have added the product, you can access it by clicking on My Purchases in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

If you want to set up games for students to access independently in-class or from home, please read our How to Setup Games for Students to Access In-Class and at Home tutorial.

Troubleshooting tips:
If you created an account but weren't taken to the page to add the product, click this link and then enter your Item ID.

If you don't know where to find your Item ID, it is in the PDF file that you downloaded from TPT when you accessed the product. If you can't find the PDF file, go back to your TPT account an download it again.

If the Order Number box is empty on the Add a Product page, enter 202100 for the Order Number.

If you need help, please email us at and be sure describe the problem you are experiencing.