Creating Word Lists

Word lists are simply a list of words with an optional matching image. Word lists are playable in all the games. A word list can have several categories within it to organize the words in that list. These categories make it easy to select groups of words to play in the games and they are also required for the Sorting games. A word list for beginning digraphs could look something like the image below.


To create a Word List, click on My Questions in the menu bar at the top of the screen.


Click on the Create Questions panel.


Click on the Word List panel.


Fill out the top section including the name, description, grade and subject. Next enter a category name and then type in your words. To add a picture, click on a word and then on the picture icon.


The Image Gallery will open and you can choose an image from the large gallery of clip art and photographs. Use the search bar at the top of the gallery to search for a specific image or use the filters under the search bar to pick a category to browse.


Adding Your Own Images

The ability to add your own images to questions and word lists is a premium feature of the Games Subscription. If you do not have a subscription, you can only choose images from the provided image gallery. To learn more about or purchase a subscription, please visit the Games Subscription page.

To upload an image from your computer into a question or word list, click on Add Image in the top bar of the image gallery and then choose an image from your computer.


There currently isn't a way to add your own audio or sound files to the questions. We do have a Say the Word feature for a limited number of English words. To learn how it works, please read the FAQ article How does the Say the Word feature work in games?

Special Cases for Word Lists

A word list doesn't always have to contain a word. It can be a list of simple math questions like 3+5 for example where the answer is a picture of the number 8. Using a word list in this way would allow you to play math questions in the games that only work with word lists like the Mystery Pictures and Memory Matching games for example.


Another special case for words lists is using them in the Sentence Scramble game. In this case, rather than the list being words, it needs to be sentences for the game to work properly.


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