Question Formats

You can create questions for any subject in any language to be played in all of the games! An easy to use question editor allows you to quickly make questions. Enhance your questions by choosing from over 2000 clip art images and photographs from our image gallery.

If you have a Games Subscription, you can upload your own images to questions and word lists. Make questions for language, math, science, history or any topic you can think of. Just type them in once and then use them in any game.

There are two formats for question sets: word list and multiple choice. Word lists can be played in all of the games and multiple choice question sets work in a limited number of games.

Word lists are simply a list of words with an optional matching image.  A word list for beginning digraphs could look something like the image below.


Multiple choice questions include a question and up to 4 choices for the answer.


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