Student Data Retention

As per our privacy policy, we will only store your student data while your account is active.
Before you add students to your account, you will be asked to set a duration for student data retention. We will use this duration to determine when to delete your student data if you have stopped using our website.

Ideally, if you decide to stop using our website you should delete all students that you have added to your account. If you do not delete your student data, we will delete it on the last day of the duration that you set. For example, if you have set your student data retention to 6 months, we will delete your student data after 6 months if you have not logged in and used the website. If you log in within that 6 month period, the duration will reset for another 6 months.

Once you have set your student data retention duration, you can change it on the My Account page at any time.