Adding Students and Assigning Games to Them

Adding students is required if you would like to differentiate games for your students or if you would like to track student progress in the games they play. Students will access their games by clicking on their name in the Student View.

To add your students, click on My Students & Groups in the menu bar at the top of the screen, next click on the My Students panel and then on Student List.


Create your student list by typing your students' names into the grid. Be sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the grid to save your list. 


If you have created Groups of games with the intent to assign them to your students, you can do that by selecting the group(s) from the Assigned Groups drop down. You can choose multiple groups from the drop down.

Using groups is the quickest way to differentiate and assign games to students. Read the Creating Groups tutorial to learn more.


You can also assign individual games directly to each student by clicking on the Edit button at the end of each row and then choosing the Saved Games you would like them to play.


On the Edit Student page (shown below) you can change the student icon, update the first and last name, assign the student to groups and assign games to the student.

Any Saved Games that you create will show up at the bottom of this page so that you can assign them to the student. To assign a game, simply click on it and an orange banner with the word Assigned will appear at the top of the game image. To unassign a game, simply click it again.


In the Student View you will now see all of the students that you created. If you click on a student, you will see the games that you assigned to them directly or through a group.


In this example, if Alicia clicks on her name, a page will appear with the game that I assigned to her. She can play the game by clicking on it.


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