How do I recreate a single TPT game with the Games Subscription?

If you have a games subscription and would like to recreate individual games that you have seen in our TPT Store, please read below to learn how.

All of the internet based single games that you may have seen in our TPT Store are simply a combination of a question set that is already created on and a game from

Recreating a game is a two step process:

  1. Choose the questions you want to use in the game.
  2. Choose a game to play those questions in.

For example, if you wanted to reproduce the CVC Words Beginning Sounds game that you may have seen in our TPT store, first you will search for the questions that you want to play in the game. In this case it is a CVC word list.

Step 1: Choose the Questions or Word List

Click on the word Play in the menu bar at the top of the screen to go to the Choose Questions page. Type CVC in the search box. Here is a link to that already typed in for you: If you click on that link you will see a CVC word list as the first search result. Click on that word list and then you will be taken to the Choose a Game page.

Step 2: Choose a Game

The second step is to choose a game to play those words in. Any of the games that are shown can be played with those CVC words. You can scroll down to the Busy Bees Spelling Sounds game and click on it. Now you can play the game or you can Save the game. Most likely you will want to save the game so you can access it later or assign it to your students.