Why can't I hear game sound on iPads or computers?

There are several reasons why you may not hear the sound in a game. In this article I will discuss solutions to the most common causes. If you are still having sound problems after trying the solutions listed below, please email us and we will try to help resolve the issue.

Possible causes for sound not working:

  1. Game sound is turned off.
  2. iPad webpage sound is in silent mode.
  3. Your browser is running low on memory

Game Sound is Turned Off

If you are not hearing sound at all when you play games, it may be because the game sound volume is turned off. When you click the play button from the Game Settings screen, the game menu appears and at the bottom of the screen is a sound bar. Check that the sound bar is not set too low. See the image below.


iPad Webpage Sound is in Silent Mode

If you are playing games on an iPad, the sound you hear in apps is controlled differently to the sound you hear on webpages. App sound may be on while browser sound could be turned off and in silent mode.

To check if silent mode is on and browser sound is off:
1. Slide your finger down starting at the top right side of the screen.
2. If the Sound Mode icon is red, then sound is turned off. Press the Sound Mode icon to turn it to white and allow sounds to play in the browser.
3. You will have to reload the game in your browser for sound to be enabled again.


Your Browser is Running Low on Memory

If your browser is running low on memory it may disable sound or play it intermittently to save memory.

One thing to try is to close all of your browser tabs and then reboot your computer. When you play the game, only have one browser tab open and see if that makes a difference with the sound.
Another thing to try is to use a different internet browser. If you are using Safari for example, try using Chrome or Edge to see if the sound works in another browser.

Next Step for Sound Problems

If you are still having sound issues after trying the suggestions above, please contact us and we will try to help resolve the issue. In your email please include the following:
Web Browser: (Chrome, Safari, Edge etc)
Device: (Windows computer, Macbook, iPad etc)
Sound Issue Description: (sound doesn't work at all, sound cuts out etc)
Has the sound ever worked properly: (yes, no)