How do I play a game without questions?

Some of our games have a setting that will allow you to turn off questions. You will find a setting on the Games Setting page as shown in the picture below for the Build a Monster game. If you do not see this setting then that game does not have the ability to be played without questions.

Another way you can play without questions is you can create a multiple choice question set and just have one question. Your question text could be "Answer the question." or any text you like, and then you can just have one answer and it can be a checkmark image or a word or phrase such as "Great job!".
When you play a game with this question set it will repeatedly ask the question and when you click the answer, an action will happen in the game.

Here is an example of a question set that I made for oral questions but it has two answer options, one for correct and one for incorrect. As I mentioned, yours can have just one answer, whatever works best for your needs.