How to Save a Game so you can Access it Quickly

Once you have accessed a game and have chosen your game settings, you can then click the Save button on the Game Settings page to create a Saved Game.


Every Saved Game that you create can later be accessed on the Saved Games page. This makes it easy for you to quickly start a game in your classroom on your interactive whiteboard or with a small group of students using a computer or tablet. Read the Saved Games tutorial to learn more.

You can also assign Saved Games to groups or students so that they can play them in-class or at home on a tablet, Chromebook, laptop or computer. You can learn how to assign games by reading the How to Setup Games for Students tutorial. Next I will show you how to create and access a saved game.

When you click the Save button, the Save Game Settings window will pop up. Here you can give your Saved Game a name and description. It is good to include the skill in the title.


You can also assign the saved game to groups or students at this point if you have already created them. Or you can assign this game to them at a later time. 

Click the Save button to create the Saved Game. You will be taken back to the Game Settings page where you can now either play the game or leave this page and set up more games. If you want to create some more Saved Games using the same set of questions, click the Back button once and then select another game. If you want to search for new questions or word lists, click the word Play in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

All of the Saved Games that you create will be accessible on the Saved Games page. 

The Saved Games Page

The Saved Games page gives you access to all of the Saved Games that you have created. You can play your saved games with your class from this page and you can also edit the saved game settings and delete saved games.

You can access the Saved Games page by clicking on the words Saved Games in the menu bar at the top of the screen.


To play a game with your class or a small group, simply click on a game to start it. If you want to play on an Interactive Whiteboard such as a Smart Board or Promethean, start the game on your computer and then project your screen on to your board.


Now that you know how to create a Saved Game, you may want to: