Spelling Sounds Games


Practice beginning, middle or ending sounds for any words. Choose the number of letters to hide and the position from which to hide them. For example, for beginning blends you would hide 2 letters from the start of the word. Set the difficulty by choosing the number of possible answers with 2 being the easiest and 5 being more challenging.

This game requires that you choose a word list to play in the game. To search for word lists, click on Play in the menu bar at the top of the screen and then choose Word List from the Filter drop down.


Fun Ways to Play

Whole Class

If you have an interactive whiteboard in your classroom, this game makes for a fun, whole class review session. First choose a word list from the Choose Questions page. Then project the game onto your whiteboard. Have students come up one at a time to complete a word.


Assign this game to students and they will be able to play it independently on devices in centers. Students can play on their own or they can take turns in pairs. To learn how to set up games for centers, please read the article entitled How to Setup Games for Students to Access in Class.

Small Groups

At your group table, you could use a laptop or tablet to play the game collaboratively with your group. If you have an interactive whiteboard, playing the game on your board will be very engaging for your students.

Online Learning

Using your conferencing software such as Zoom for example, share your game screen and have students say which letters are missing while you control the game. If you have a small group or single student, you could take turns and give students mouse control so that they can interact with the game.

For more ideas on how to use the games with your students, please read the article Learn Many Ways to Use the Games with your Students.

How to Buy

The Spelling Sounds games are included in our 1-Year Games Subscription which gives you access to over 200 games. Please visit our Store to learn more about what is included in the subscription.

How to Select a Spelling Sounds Game on the Choose a Game Page

After you have selected a question set or word list on the Choose Questions page, you will be taken to the Choose a Game page. Click on the Game Type filter to open the list of game types and then choose Spelling from the drop down list.


This will filter the game selection page to show all of the Spelling games.

There are several fun themes for this game type including: Ocean, Farm, Aliens, Superheroes, Halloween, Christmas and more!

spelling-sounds-bee-word-list.jpg spelling-sounds-ocean-word-list.jpg spelling-sounds-pirateanimals-word-list.jpg spelling-sounds-farm-word-list.jpg
spelling-sounds-superherokids-word-list.jpg spelling-sounds-alien-word-list.jpg spelling-sounds-halloween-bee-word-list.jpg spelling-sounds-thanksgiving-bee-word-list.jpg
spelling-sounds-christmas-bee-word-list.jpg spelling-sounds-winter-bee-word-list.jpg spelling-sounds-valentines-bee-word-list.jpg spelling-sounds-stpatricks-bee-word-list.jpg
spelling-sounds-western-bee-word-list.jpg spelling-sounds-superherobees-word-list.jpg spelling-sounds-pirate-bee-word-list.jpg  

Understanding the Game Settings

The game settings allow you to customize the game in the following ways:

  • Refine your choice of words to include in the game to meet the needs of your learners.
  • Choose the number of letters to hide.
  • Choose to hide letters from the beginning, middle or end of the word.
  • Set a game timer to help learners know when to stop playing.
  • Show Sound buttons for English words if they exists in our audio library.

The Spelling Sounds games setting page looks as shown in the image below. You can leave the settings on their default settings and simply play the game, or you can change them to meet your needs.


To learn about the other types of games, see the Game Types section of the Help Center.