Learn Many Ways to Use the Games with your Students

There are many fun ways that you can use our games to keep students engaged while reviewing any subject or skill.

Whole Class

Start a game on your interactive whiteboard and the class can work together to answer questions and progress through the game. You can also split the class into teams and play a team based game such as the Quiz Wheel, Surprise or Race Games. To find a team based game, select Team from the Game Format filter on the Choose a Game page. To learn how to start a game, read our Getting Started Guide: How to Setup and Play a Game with your Students.

Small Group

Playing the games with your small groups is a fun way to review a certain skill or to change up the groups activities to increase engagement. You can work together as a group or play a team based game where the players compete.

At your group table, you could use a laptop or tablet to play a game. If you have an interactive whiteboard, playing a game on your board will be very engaging for your students.

Learn how to create Saved Games ahead of time so you are ready to jump right in during your small group sessions by reading our Getting Started Guide: How to Save a Game so you can Access it Quickly.


Assign games to groups or students and they will be able to play them independently on devices in centers. Students can play on their own or they can take turns in pairs. You can put the games website as an icon on iPads so that students can easily click on the icon to access their games. To learn how to set up games for centers, please read the article entitled How to Setup Games for Students to Access in Class.

Online Learning & Teletherapy

Using your conferencing software such as Zoom for example, share your game screen and have students answer questions orally while you control the game. If you have a small group or single student, you could take turns and give students mouse control so that they can interact with the game.

Rewards & Reinforcement

Your students could earn games to play by trying their best during therapy and interventions, for finishing classroom work and for good behavior individually and as a whole class. 

At Home

You can assign games to students so that they can play independently at home for homework or during distance learning. To learn how to set up games for students to access from home, please read the article How to Setup Games for Students to Access In-Class and at Home.

Classroom Parties and Fun Fridays

Our games are a fun way to include skill review even during classroom parties and fun days! The Team Challenge game is a perfect party game. Here is an article that will teach you how to set up the game and play it with your class: Team Challenge Game.

Time Filler

If you have some extra time before the bell or if a student had an accident and you need to tend to them, a game can help fill that time and keep students focused on one task. You could start a game on the interactive whiteboard and have students take turns playing. Or if you have games setup on iPads then you can instruct your students to get their iPads and play a game from the ones you have set up. To learn how to set up games for students to access from devices, please read the article How to Setup Games for Students to Access.