What is Pink Cat Games?

Our learning games are used by teachers from many specialties and grades to motivate students to practice any skill or subject.

SLPs, Reading Specialists and Special Education teachers use our games in online and in-person sessions to keep students engaged while practicing skills and for reinforcement.

Classroom teachers use our games for subject matter review on the interactive whiteboard for a fun whole class activity, on computers or tablets for small groups and also assign games to students for them to play independently on tablets at school and at home.


Searchable Library of Teacher-Created Question Sets

Many of the teachers who use our games have shared the question sets and word lists that they have created for their own students. The questions library contains thousands of question sets that you can  play in any of our games. To learn how to find questions for any skill, read the Choosing Questions article.

Make your Own Questions

You can create your own question sets and word lists to meet the exact needs or your students. You can also copy question sets from our library and edit them to suit your needs.

If you have a Games Subscription, you can add your own images to questions and word lists. Make questions for language, math, science, history or any topic you can think of. Just type them in once and then use them in any game.

Large Games Library

Choose from over 200 engaging games to keep your students motivated to practice any skill. To learn about the different types of games and how to play them, read the articles in Game Types Section of the Help Center.

Play In-Person, in Teletherapy or Independently at Home

You can play games with your students in class on an interactive whiteboard, in small groups, in centers or 1-on-1.

During online learning or teletherapy, share your game screen and give students mouse control via your conferencing software or have them answer orally.

Share games with a single link so students can also play independently at school and at home.

Student Progress Tracking and Reporting

With a Games Subscription, you will be able to track your students' progress in games and view reports on their progress.

Play on Many Devices

Play on interactive whiteboards, iPads, Chromebooks and computers. Perfect for whole class, centers or individual play. To learn how to set up student devices, please read the article Student Devices & Computers.

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